Member Benefits

i-6.jpgAre you ever bothered by the competition, lack of work, high cost of insurance, or not knowing the latest laws and regulations? The Home Improvement Council of WNY helps answer a lot of these questions and more. By becoming an active participating member, you'll get to know more about our competitors, and associate with suppliers and distributors. You'll be able to share ideas, problems and solutions we all encounter.

The HIC is made up of successful contractor and home remodeling business owners within the Buffalo, NY area. They created the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions and the proper atmosphere to study and discuss various business and technical aspects of the home improvement industry. They developed the system to acquire, preserve and disseminate beneficial data and information relating to the industry for the members, the general public and government agencies. They encourage high standards of service from the members.

  Member Benefits

  • Contractor recognition- The HIC exhibits at two very large home shows throughout the year and distributes over a 1,000 memberbership list with your company name on it. We also offer many other very low cost ways for our members to advertise through us. Advertising Panel is one of the many ways.
  • Educational seminars and meetings through out the year

       Included in membership is Opportunity to have your own company web site directly linked to the HIC website.

Safe Quote Program leads included in membership.


Meetings- The HIC will hold approx 6-8 membership meeting beside it's annual Golf Outing, Picnic, and Winter Awards Dinner.


Committee Info

A major part of the work of the HIC is accomplished by committees. Anyone can serve on committees to get involved with various projects that interest them such as:

  • Membership & Development
  • Ethics and Legislation and License
  • Advertising & Public Relations and Special Projects
  • Programs and Educational Training
  • Budget and Finance

Current List of Committee and Board Members

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