Board & Committee Members


HIC Office           Jennifer Retzlaff                                                                        716-874-3435 x212

Chairman:            Steve Rott                     William C. Rott & Son, Inc                  716-694-8220

Co-Chairman:      Brian McCormack         The Energy King Window & Door       716-800-6749

Treasurer:            Jeff Valone                    Try-Lock Roofing Co. Inc.                   716-447-1688

Board Member:    Skip Roehrig                 A.G. Roehrig and Son Inc.                  716-892-8857

Board Member:    Allen Dembski               Buffalo First Wealth Mgmt.                 716-445-7465

Board Member:    Scott Hess                     Ivy Lea Construction                          716-875-8654


Board/Chair Member:   

  When I was asked to serve on the Board back in 2003 I have witnessed a lot of changes over the years, not only with HIC but also in our industry, my business, and how businesses are run in New York State. I have seen it become so unbearable for some that they have been forced to shut their doors. I would like our members to know that you are not alone. Many of the challenges you face today in your business others have already faced. I have found over the years when our company was facing challenges I was able to work through them with some help from our members.  I know that being involved in the HIC has been nothing but a pure benefit for myself and business and would like to think I too, have helped many with some of their issues from Sales tax audits, Federal Audits, Osha Inspections and such.

 The Board’s goal for 2016-2017 will be to bring the HIC up to date in the 21st century. By doing so we would like to bring back past members and practices, along with bringing in many new members, Speakers, and better attendance at our membership / network meetings. The membership monthly meetings are what really run the council and give the board members ideas for the future. We are all an integral part of this organization and we would like to see everyone get involved. I look forward to meeting many of our members, some that I have not even met, and would like to invite you to come out to our next membership meeting and see for yourself what your organization is all about. You don’t have to be a member to attend and are welcome to bring a guest, someone that is not a member, which could benefit from the HIC as well. You don’t know what you’re missing until you come out and give it a try. I would like to also invite our past board members and longstanding members to attend so some of our newer members, including myself, can gain your knowledge from some of your past or present ideas and issues you may have faced in your business.  Let me tell you this, When HIC members get together I have never witnessed, heard or seen competition between the trades, just good conversation and networking. I have never left a membership meeting not having learned something new that I can use in my business; some of the best help has come from the same trades as mine.

 It’s funny, I have found in this industry to not ask questions but rather ask a lot of questions! Leave your pride at home and ask, keep on asking, and don’t stop asking until they tell you to stop. I found that this is really how it’s done. I, as some others in the council, am a third generation owner, and like me, you grew up in your business asking questions and growing your business from the help of such questions. This is normal to me and has been what helped me get to where I am today.  We really aren’t re-inventing the wheel here; it’s all been done before, even if it was just yesterday, it’s been done before.

I would like to say that I personally have benefited from being a member of the HIC over the past several years. I endured what ended up being a 5 month long NYS Sales Tax Audit, 6 month IRS Audit, 2 random D.O.L. Poster compliance Audits and a fuel Audit all within a 3 year period, due to what I feel was retaliation by NYS for commencing the 240-(1) Scaffold lawsuit along with Frank DeCarlo of Paragon Restoration and many other contractors some years ago. Being able to consult with some of our members that have been through some of these Audits and knowing there was life after an Audit really helped me through these times! I have always said “Our Government has us so busy trying to stay in business that we don’t have time to work on our business” Maybe that’s their goal. So remember you don’t have to go it alone; I have found there is a lot of knowledge and wisdom in this organization that you can tap into any time. They’re all here to help, you just have to locate them and ask. If they can’t help they will tell you who can. That’s how I have found it to be.

 I look forward to talking with you,

 Best Regards,

 Jeff Valone



The Budget and Finance Committee proposed the annual budget for the Home Improvement Council. Also, the Treasurer's Report of the Home Improvement Council reports at the monthly board of Directors meeting on the current status of the budget and projects the adherence to the budget for any given month in any given fiscal year.

Chairman Don Blackman M&T Bank  
Co-Chairman Jeff Valone
TryLock Roofing

The responsibility of the Advertising and Public Relations Committee is to consistently and effectively and within the budget, place advertising in local media to promote the Council and its' activities.

 Co-Chairman  Allen Dembski  Buffalo First Wealth Management  


The Program Committee is in charge of setting up meetings and functions for the Home Improvement Council membership. Those programs include Awards Dinner, Annual Golf, Annual Contractor's Picnic, any other outing planned and membership meetings.This Committee is responsible for conducting at least one seminar a year, which informs the Council membership of business practices relating to the home improvement industry, hopefully increasing their company's productivity. 

Education to Western New York consumers concerning the Home Improvement Council and to get those consumers to deal exclusively with Home Improvement Council members

 Jeff Valone  Trylock Roofing  

Article 4, Section 1, of the Home Improvement Council By-Laws states the Ethics Committee should consist of at least five individuals, three of which shall be members of the Board of Directors and two or more of which need not be members of the Board, but shall have experience in and be knowledgeable of the home improvement industry. The Ethics Committee shall advise and assist the Board of Directors in the interpretation revision, codification, alteration and amendment of the Advertising and Selling Standards of this Council and the Code of Ethics of the Council, (See Code of Ethics.) The Ethics Committee shall also review when called for, any act or acts of any member of the Council which act or acts may or may be said to be detrimental to the interests of the Council and on the basis of such review recommend to the Board of Directors, in writing, whether or not on the basis of such act or acts the deprivation or suspension of a member's membership in the Council is called for.

The Legislative and License Committee reviews and informs the membership of the Home Improvement Industry Council on all new laws and licensing procedures required in regards to the home improvement industry.

Jeff Valone
TryLock Roofing  
Co-Chairman  Scott Hess  Ivy Lea Construction  





The purpose of this committee is to develop campaigns to increase membership, and to retain the members who are presently enlisted.

Chairman Bill Scott Try-Lock Roofing